Plefsis Traditional Tavern

Seagulls land onto the sea right next to your table. In front of you, there is a small pier with fishing boats. On your right, the imposing rock-monument of Kalikatsou and in the background the rocky Tragonisi. Waves cool the burning sand as you listen to old Greek songs from the loudspeakers and enjoy ouzo under the straw umbrellas, while the Aegean unfolds its noble beauty. The ideal scenery to create summer memories and gain strength to make it through the winter. Traditional tavern «Plefsis» at Grikos bay, in Patmos Island, is the place you’ve been dreaming so as to taste seafood meze and local delicacies.

Since 2012, this little tavern located literally on the beach, offers all goodies of the Dodecanese cuisine: fried cod with garlic, shrimps with homemade barley, fresh salad with vegetables from Patmos and herbs from our garden, slowly stewed goat, salted sardine, fried anchovies and smoked eggplant salad with «krasotyri» (wine cheese) from Kos. Apart from the menu’s homemade dishes, the front is daily refilled with fresh fish from Leros, Kalymnos, Leipsoi and the surrounding islets. Red mullets, parrotfishes, Aegean breams, sea basses, golden groupers and white seabreams are in the center of the attention, while upon special requests, juicy fresh lobsters and delicious urchin spaghetti can be prepared.

However, the nicest moment is when the waiter starts writing «today’s special» on the blackboard. Local delicacies and homemade recipes unexpectedly enrich the menu and create pleasant dilemmas for visitors: To try the Patmian cheese pie from local flour with a crunchy leaf or the seafood-balls from squid and cuttlefish? Stuffed vegetables with rice, using peppers and eggplants or zucchini blossoms stuffed with rice from local courgettes? Whatever the choice, there will only be one feeling left as you leave. To be back again in «Plefsis», in order to get enough of summer!